Oh yummy yummy! Good clean home made chocolate……

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Healthy Chocolate

Warning if you eat this all in one setting – don’t blame me!

This picture speaks for itself! Looks indulgent doesn’t it? Well it’s really easy to make & made from great healthy ingredients.

I didn’t use a recipe, but here’s the ingredients – you may have to adjust to your taste.

Coconut oil – 2 tbsp

Raw cacao powder – 1 tbsp

Shredded coconut – handful

Slithered almonds – handful – brown in a pan first as it brings out a great roasted taste.

Drop of honey – I didn’t use much as i’m not fond of honey

My coconut oil was solid so I put it in a bowl over a pan of hot water to soften, mix in all ingredients.

Tip out onto some baking paper, fold paper over the top & push down to flatten. Put into the freezer to set.

Give it a try – love to hear your comments.

P.S Here is the link to the coconut research institute for anyone interested in finding out the health benefits of Coconut oil.