Whipped Goat’s Cheese with Roasted Vegetables

Whipped Goat’s Cheese Platter.

Goats cheese platter

I love the tarty taste of goats cheese. Can’t get enough of it!

One night instead of making this as a starter we made it into a main, with a nice chewy crusty sourdough. I don’t often eat bread but when I do it must be a really good sourdough.



200g Goat’s cheese, room temperature

150g cream cheese, room temperature

2 large handfuls of fresh Basil or coriander, broken up roughly

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Olive oil to serve

2 cloves of garlic – finely chopped.


1 large Capsicum, (see Classic Hummus Recipe)

2  Zucchini

1 Fennel bulb

Olive oil


Balsamic Vinegar


How to:

1. Combine goat’s cheese, cream cheese and salt and pepper until smooth and well combined. Fold in fresh herbs & garlic.

2. Spread mixture over a serving plate and set to side.

3. Thinly slice fennel bulb. Slice zucchini’s lengthways. Preheat pan on medium heat.

4. Add olive oil to pan and sauté zucchini until tender and golden. Remove from pan and set aside to cool.

5. Wipe pan clean. Return to medium high heat and add butter and olive oil. Add Fennel slices to pan and cook, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes.

6. Reduce heat to medium and add salt. Stir occasionally allowing the natural sugars to caramelise, scraping up the browned bits and mixing them through. These are the tastiest bits.

7. Cook between 30 min and an hour depending on time constraints and how caramelised you would like your mixture to be, taste test as you go.

8. When happy with result. Remove from heat and allow to cool to warm.

9. Bring back the goat’s cheese mixture on serving plate. Dress with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Top with cooled zucchini and warm caramelised fennel and roast capsicum.

10. Serve with toasted Sourdough & lemon slices.

Goats Cheese platter