Rice with banana, berries & coconut!

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Yum! This breakfast is amazing, i love this instead of porridge or cereal.

Rice with banana, berries & coconut


Cooked brown rice.

Half a small handful of raisans.

1/2 cup of  frozen berries – i prefer raspberries!

1/4 cup of shredded or shaved coconut

Sprinkle of LSA

Almond milk.

1. Prepare rice according to packet. I cook rice & keep in the fridge to use for quick meals.

2. Place rice, raisans & berries into a pot with a small amount of water. Simmer until heated through.

3. Drain off excess water – add chopped banana, LSA, coconut & almond milk.

You could use any fruit or nuts for this recipe – try a few variations until you find one that you love. Be careful not to add much dried fruit – will be too sweet.